Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling's Girlfriend is the real hero.

Well, what a wonderful woman Donald Sterling's girlfriend is and what a poor insecure little man he is. There's nothing more dangerous than a pathetic man with power. We know 4 million people have seen this already and thanks to Jubriel for sending it to us. But this is powerful stuff. Yes, Donald, your' girlfriend is a fighter, not like you. And what a world we live in where a pathetic little man like this can acquire such power over people as a landlord and as a capitalist. But that's what it mans to be a capitalist. It means social power. It does not mean humanness.  It has nothing to do with intelligence, after all, George W Bush has money. Under feudalism, land was power, under capitalism capital is.  You can still be an idiot, a racist and misogynist.

Facts For Working People offers our admiration to who we only know as V. Stiviano. Donald Trump, another racist and pimp while condemning Sterling's comments has also condemned his girlfriend calling her "the girlfriend from hell.". The world would be better off without these people.

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Anonymous said...

As a black working class man I see this time and time again . White rich folks and their multiracial agents of white supremacy step on the black working class like they ain't shit. It's bad just being a worker let alone a black one. They tell me don't go down south their the racist ones. I work in San fransico,CA , and I'll tell you go to some areas as a black person and they will look at you with the crazies look like you don't belong. Sometimes I think I'm in a time machine and I'm back in the Jim Crow days ! This owner just reopened the race question which this country is trying to avoid . They know if they talk about it open up questions of not just race but ,class and gender and all other things that's wrong with the system. I never will trust the 1 percent they could try to please people by removing this fool from owner ship all they want. I think if the players had any self respect they wouldn't coach or play in this years play offs !

Jubrieel Ahkille