Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chicago. War Zone. 36 shot in 36 hours.

Sean O'Torain. Chicago. 

To listen to Obama who came out of Chicago, and to Emmanuel the present mayor of Chicago, all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds as far as the city is concerned. But things are far from that. Last weekend 36 people were shot in 36 hours in the city. Four of those died. One was a 17 year old girl. The previous weekend 27 people were shot. Parts of Chicago are war zones. What parts? Those parts where unemployment is at its highest.

But there is major crime in all areas of the city. It just tends to be different kinds of crime.  The suburbs are awash with cocaine and heroin. The users of these in many cases travel into the city to buy these drugs increasing the drug trade and violence there and then travel back out to consume their drugs. There are also many dealers in the suburbs.

Then there are the big criminals. These are the ones that run the stock market, the currency exchange, the banks. They live in the gated communities and gated houses in places such as the North Shore or in the high rise apartments and condos on Lake Shore Drive. And there are their associates in the Chicago political machine. This is the Democratic Party which gets the votes together and rigs the elections on behalf of the big money criminals.

Some of the steps that would improve things would be:

A $15.00 an hour minimum wage for all and equal pay for equal work.
Jobs for all with good wages and benefits and union rights.  
Free education to all levels and free health care.
Affordable housing for all.
Free health care with full reproductive rights for all.

These steps would give us a decent life. The poor and the alienated who are into street crime and the users of the drugs would have a worthwhile life which would have satisfaction and so the demand for drugs would plunge. And of course the super rich who are represented by Emmanuel and Obama could be put to work at productive labor and help the city.


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