Sunday, March 23, 2014

US Society. Censorship and propaganda and hypocrisy.

by Sean O'Torrain

I see that Michelle Obama is in China. Now that is no haven of democracy and human rights. The elite there use any means, violent and non violent to keep the working class down. Part of this is restriction of speech and the right to publish and circulate ideas. This has to be condemned. But it is also necessary to see who does the condemning. In this case it is Michelle Obama. What hypocrisy.

The US where her husband is President is one of the most censored societies in the world. In the last presidential elections there were over a dozen candidates running for President. I did an experiment. I asked everybody I spoke to how many candidates were running. I never met anybody who knew this. The censored US capitalist media kept the debates free from all but the major capitalist candidates of the Republicans and Democrats. They even arrested the Green Party candidate when she tried to get into one debate.

But even more nauseating is to listen to Obama blather on about free speech when you think about Bradley Manning. Here we have a young man who blew the whistle on US war crimes, and what happens to him under her husbands regime? He is put in solitary confinement, that is he is tortured. Obama had nothing to say about that. And her husband could free him if he wished.  But facts are no obstacle to US capitalism and its representative. Nor is hypocrisy.

Look at their yakking on about Crimea. I have no time for Putin and his authoritarian regime. The people of the Crimea have to be allowed without pressure to decide their own future. But listen to the mouthpieces of US capitalism. The right of nations to decide their own future, democracy, no invasion, blah blah blah. And all this from the ruling class of the country which invaded and destroyed Iraq, which is still occupying Afghanistan, which has military bases in close to 200 countries, even countries such as Japan and Germany and nuclear weapons in countries worldwide, even in little countries such as Scotland.

If we watch the mass capitalist media we are forced to listen to the hypocrites like Kerry and Obama, all representatives of the ruling class of the country which waged the dirty wars in Latin America where their agents threw thousands of people into the ocean alive, where they overthrew Allende in Chile, where they overthrew Mossadeq in Iran, it would take a whole article just to list the number of countries and governments US capitalism has overthrown. Sean.

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