Saturday, March 29, 2014

Staggering arrogance and hypocrisy of US Imperialism.

Michelle Obama talks to mostly Chinese Americans in beijing
By Sean O'Torain.

Michelle Obama has been in China. She has been lecturing the Chinese regime on freedom of speech and the rights of of minorities etc. This blog does not support the Chinese regime's dictatorial methods but neither do we support the dictatorial methods of the US Obama regime. Look at the hypocrisy. First Michelle Obama's husband keeps Chelsea Manning in torture in solitary confinement.  And along with him millions in prison and thousands in solitary confinement. This is torture. The US has approximately 5% of the world's population and approximately 25% of the world's prisoners.

When Michelle Obama was in China lecturing about democracy, her husband was, among other places, visiting the extreme right wing dictatorial and anti women regime in Saudi Arabia. Against the background of Michelle Obama's lecturing in China some journalist had the nerve to ask Obama had he spoken with the Saudi dictator and oil financed thug about the savage way in which women are treated in that country and in fact the way all workers especially immigrant workers are treated. No Obama said, it did not come up. It did not come up! It did not come up in China either. Michelle Obama brought it up. Why did Obama not bring it up in Saudi Arabia.

It is not hard to understand why it did not come up. Or why Obama did not bring it up. Saudi Arabia is one of the closest allies of the US in the Middle East. China is an increasingly powerful force in the world which is challenging the US for its number one position. So the hypocrites in the US regime do not want to offend the Saudi dictatorship. But it is okay to lecture the Chinese regime.

Then there is the other visit Obama made to see another anti woman unelected dictator. The pope. Or as Obama called him in his bootlicking - "His holiness." How do you get to be called "His Holiness"? anyway. Can I call myself "My Holiness?" I suppose I could but Obama would not call me this. I would need about one billion members behind me and unconditionally support capitalism.

The issue of the anti woman policies of the Catholic church did not come up when Obama sat down with the unelected dictatorial leader of the biggest pro-capitalist church in the world. He would not want to risk that. He would not want to risk bringing up the Catholic church campaign against Obamacare in the US either. The woman are sacrificed again. Michelle Obama does her part in this.

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