Monday, March 24, 2014

Apology to our readers.

We have removed the blog about Palin and the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.  Sean, who is an occasional author on the blog put it up thinking it was accurate.  He has offered his apologies to our readers.  I too owe readers an apology as I never read it which I normally do all posts.  There was no source.

I would like to add though that it is no accident the Daily Currant, the source of the satirical piece, chose Palin with regard to this.  It reflects the insane views of some of the politicians in the US especially among the religious right and it is not so far fetched that someone like Palin might make such a statement.  Nevertheless, we should have been more diligent.

We would also like to thank the readers that brought it to our attention through e mail or the one comment that directed us to the source.


Dear Readers, Sean O'Torrain here. I am the culprit who put up the post on the supposed statement by Palin on the crash of the Malaysian airline. I apologize to all our readers for making this error. I also apologize to Richard who is the main editor of the blog and who more than anybody is responsible for its success. I am only a very occasional contributor. I should have thought more about this supposed statement  and checked out its source.

I would only say one more thing, not that it makes my mistake any less nor is it intended in any way to weaken my apology. This still stands. However it is no accident that Palin was targeted for this statement. Her ideas, if we can call them ideas, are extreme right wing nonsense mixed up with any reactionary and bizarre idea that she thinks can get her a hearing. You never know what she is going to say next. And to think that she could have been a heartbeat from the Presidency and decision making power over the nuclear arsenal. And to think also that the heartbeat that would have been keeping her from that position was that of McCain, not much brighter than herself. And a whole lot more unhealthy.

Apologies again. Sean O'Torrain.

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