Wednesday, February 19, 2014

US capitalism's protests about Ukraine violence: arrogant hypocrisy.

Many of us Americans might not be aware of it fully but when the US government issues statements like these on the Ukraine:

Clashes in Kiev between police and anti-government protesters that have claimed 26 lives are "completely outrageous" and "have no place in the 21st century,"

"We've made clear that we consider taking action against individuals who are responsible for acts of violence within Ukraine,"  and

"Clearly the people of Ukraine feel that their legitimate aspirations are not being met in the current political context," 

The people's of the rest of the world excluding bootlickers like Tony Blair shrug their shoulders in disbelief at the incredible arrogance of US imperialism. The mouthpieces of US capitalism have no credibility whatsoever with the workers of the world just as they have no credibility with US workers.

The absolute monarchy in Bahrain has tortured and murdered people protesting for civil rights, reforms and even a republic. They have done this within ear shot of 30,000 US troops.  The Bahranian monarchy, basically a family running a country and backed by the US has imprisoned doctors that treated injured protesters.

The US orchestrated and led an assault on the Iraqi people that has caused untold misery and pain for Iraqi's who had not threatened the US in any way.  US capitalism  has used chemical weapons against Iraqi's and imposed sanctions that led to the deaths of half a million of them, mostly women and children. Former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright referred to these deaths as "worth it" when questioned about them in the US media.

The US funded bin Laden and Islamic extremists. US capitalism overthrew Iran's secular democratic government in 1953 and installed a murderous dictator who defended US corporate interests in the region.  US capitalism overthrew the democratically elected government of Guatemala the same year (both these coups directed by the Dulles brothers).  The assassination of Rene Schneider a Chilean general and Salvadore Allende, the democratically elected president of Chile was also the work of the CIA and Kissinger as that government was overthrown in 1973, and replaced with the dictator Pinochet, a friend of the US.

Three million Vietnamese were killed through US capitalism's murderous assault on that country even pouring one of the most poisonous substances on earth, dioxin, on their food. Children in Vietnam and Iraq are still being born with the most horrific deformities due to the US war machine and its chemical warfare.  The people responsible for this, most of them, are free and prosperous. They even poured these chemicals over their own troops, many of whom are still dying today from cancers related to it. Almost 70,000 US workers died in Vietnam, imagine what that meant when we include families, widows and fatherless children.

US capitalism is the main force behind Israel's brutal apartheid regime and its theft of Palestinian land and destruction of Palestinian homes. The Zionists used white phosphorous on the civilians of Gaza, one of the world's largest concentration camps.

The US White House whose main occupant has earned the moniker, the Drone King, can issue all the warnings and statements about violence it likes, it simply has no credibility among the vast majority of workers in the world.

The folks in the Pentagon and who dominate the US Congress are the main perpetrators of violence in the world.  Just ask their victims.

And when it comes to people's legitimate aspirations....not being met in the current political context,"

We don't have to look any further than  here at home to understands what that feels like.

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