Saturday, January 4, 2014

World's weather. Mid West Cold. Climate change.

It is pretty cold here in the Chicago area these days. Getting old and with some illnesses I have to ration any ventures outside. A couple of days when I had to go out for one of my regular hospital visits I almost passed out. I travel by public transport and this involves walking a bit of a distance on both ends of the journey.

This and the increasing numbers of storms and extreme weathers got me thinking about climate change. I believe that it is irrefutable that there is serious climate change as about 99% of the world's scientists also believe. But I thought I would ask another more-hands on expert. The man who  installed our generator.  Installing generators is his full time job. .

I asked him: what do you think about this climate change thing? There are all these people who say it is not happening. He turned round from where he was working at the installation and gave me a look like I was not too bright. He obviously thought I did not believe there was climate change. He replied - he was not the most diplomatic of gentlemen. I supposed you do not have to be if you are a generator installer in the present period. "Those people. They are f...... nuts. I have put in more generators in the last couple of years than I put in my whole life before. I can't keep up."

This is from an expert with hands on day to day experience and whose livelihood depends on this work and whose work is determined not by big profit driven corporations with an interest in making more profits but by the needs of the average family.  More bad weather lies ahead.

PS. I have no investment in generator production or installation. S

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