Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama's State of the Union address.

As usual I couldn't stand watching all the millionaires/billionaires at last night's State of the Union address by the drone king, Barack Obama.  A couple of scenes made me ill. Did you see all the generals standing up there, medals on their chests?  Then Obama talking about them fighting to keep us free and all that nonsense.  It is no accident that the vast majority of the world's workers fear not Iran but the US; those clowns with all the medals in the US Congress.

What a sickening sight that young disabled veteran was.  Firstly, they lie about their military excursion and send him and others in to the mess to protect US corporate profits and slaughter any and all opposition to US military/corporate policy.

From what I could see the young guy had only one hand.  So they sent him out there, possibly on the promise of an education and a job that could pay the rent, they got him messed up, then they drag him in to the chamber there to extract sympathy from the average person at his plight.  In other words, they pimp this man whose body (and no doubt mind) has been savaged by his involvement in their corporate wars in order to increase their chances of electoral successes. It is them that disrespect people like that, using him in the way they did. I had to turn it off at that point, it's easier to read it.

What despicable scumbags these politicians of the 1% are?

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Frank said...

It verged on the pornographic...just pitiful!