Sunday, December 8, 2013

And the weather for tomorrow

It's 11.00 pm Sunday night.  It's cold outside.  I know this more so because I walked home from the pub tonight and I was literally freezing my ass off.  I got home OK and eventually settled down to watch a little TV.  I thought Seinfeld was on at 11.00 PM  but I was wrong. 

So I watched a bit of the news and the first story was about the cold spell we are having. I know there were a number of factory fires in Bangladesh and some drownings in the Pacific, a number of killings in the Middle East and a couple of drone hits somewhere in the world but, damn; it's cold here.

Anyway, it is apparently around 35 degrees Fahrenheit which is cold for the Bay Area. I watched the weather person for a minute as he pointed to the image on the screen, a very colorful map of the area with purple for freezing and numbers next towns we are all familiar with informing us of how cold it is.

It got me to thinking about this portion of the news.  They are very detailed as they describe the fronts here and there and the high and low pressure areas and the Doppler something or other.  The big story tonight was the cold with all the fancy diagrams to prove it to me.

"What's happened to me?" I said to myself.  "Am I getting old or what?"  I think that's what it is and we will hopefully all go through it.  The world,changes.

Back in what people like me call "the day" the weather took about 4 seconds out of a 45 minute news show.  

And here's the weather for tomorrow

It's going to be cold.

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