Sunday, November 10, 2013

What a seizure sounds like.

I have numerous friends who are epileptic or have seizures of some sort including one of the authors of this blog. A number of them have told me that it takes them a few days to recover form these events. Their minds are foggy like a mass of cobwebs. The seizures are very physically draining as well. One friend had his scapula broken due to the tension in his body from the muscular contractions. This is what two scientists at Stanford reckon a seizure would sound like if we could
hear it. The comments below are from the original. Our friends in the Vatican would perhaps advocate exorcism as surely it must be demons causing this.

This is really freaky. Stanford scientists Josef Parvizi and Chris Chafe took the electric signals of a brain experiencing a convulsive seizure and converted them into tones that fall within the range of the human voice. The result is terrifying -- a kind of ghostly lazer-bass ambience, or a theremin with way too much vibrato, or a haunting howl sample stuck on repeat. The idea here is to create a kind of brain-stethoscope that could help scientists understand what's happening to a person in real-time. Until then, they've found a new way to make completely unnerving music. What does this sound like to you?

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