Monday, November 11, 2013

Neo Nazi gangs in the streets of Warsaw

 From the Socialist Network in Poland.

Neo-nazi gangs are terrorizing Warsaw! Huge groups of members of neo-nazi organizations and football hooligans are devastating the Warsaw city center. Stones, molotov cocktails and explosives have been thrown at the police, many people trying to take pictures or record the numerous incidents have been severely beaten up. The right-wing extremists attempted to burn down two anarchist squats and obviously kill the people inside. Parts of Warsaw became a regular war zone. Only thanks to the mobilization of the squatters the neo-nazi mob eventually failed and was later dispersed by the police. Cars and small kiosks are being burnt, some premises were looted. Many objects have been set on fire and firefighters were chased away when they tried to intervene, the police seem helpless. A huge group is trying to attack the Russian embassy. Flares and other explosives are being thrown, slogans like "Russian sluts" are shouted. The demonstration Independence Day March organized by the Polish 'patriotic circles' quickly turned into a regular war between a massive, 15,000 strong (media report), neo-nazi and neo-fascist block. Their march has been officially made illegal after the first dangerous incidents, but it continuous and things will most likely get even more intense during the night. We will keep you informed!

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