Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lauryn Hill sings about the real world

I was talking with a friend just last night about stress at work, and how being an artist, actor, singer, etc. must be one of the more stressful. Most artistic creativity we see is through the mass media and with the purpose of selling a product. We hear the the beauty of the human voice or the great artistry of acting that can make us laugh or cry or hate the actor who, in past performances, we have loved. So many of them have to sell cars, headache medicine, insurance in order to make a living. But even the successful actor has little control over their creative expression, even more so. We are all alienated from the product our labor power produces as we don't control the process nor own the end result. It is, and always has been, important for the ruling classes to control artistic expression especially in today's hi tech world. This is a great song from Lauryn Hill who was ordered by a court to get counseling for her "conspiracy theories" earlier this year.   Read about it at: The Vigilant Citizen


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