Saturday, October 19, 2013

Israeli racism turns toward African migrants

As I watched this video it really drove home to me that there is no way out of this or any global crises on the basis of capitalism. Only its overthrow,  replacing this system with a global federation of democratic socialist states offers a way forward for humanity. Capitalism cannot resolve this crisis of the modern nation state that was its creation. It cannot implement the solutions necessary to eliminate the conditions that bring about the mass migration of people's who are forced to leave their own homes and lands in search of food and work. It is not a complex issue in a sense as we have the resources to end hunger and poverty and war etc.  But it is not profitable to do so and profit is the driver.

I felt for the Sudanese man and his wife in the supermarket.  You could see she was terrified and he, brave man that he was, stood there between the fascists and her offering some comfort but what could he do?  I hate them. This nationalist response to the crisis of global capitalism is not just an Israeli issue; look at New Dawn in Greece and other fascist groupings throughout the world.  If the left, if revolutionary socialists do not offer a way out, the fascists will. This is the reality of it.

The Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky once said that with capitalism's decay we have a choice between  socialism or barbarism.  Well, we already have global barbarism on a massive scale.  With the environmental crisis reaching a point of no return our children face the real possibility of the end of life as we know it on this lovely orb.

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