Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kaiser cancelled from AFL-CIO convention

A short CNA clip from Kaiser nurses.  The AFL-CIO convention was apparently ready to applaud kaiser as the model health care provider.  The California Nurses Association (now an AFL-CIO affiliate) contacted the AFL-CIO complaining about Kaiser's anti-worker anti-patient practices and published this statement:
Nurses once again let Kaiser Executives know that we will not be idle while Kaiser Cancels Our Patients’ Care.  Kaiser was slated to be spotlighted as a model healthcare company at the AFL-CIO convention.  When we let the AFL-CIO know about Kaiser's plans to cancel our patients' care Kaiser was cancelled themselves.

"Our patients have too much at stake for us to allow Kaiser Executives to move forward with their plans.  Patient care should always be first." CNA states.

Unfortunately, the same AFL-CIO leadership pushed the Team Concept on Kaiser employees when John Sweeny was president and  Sal Roselli's Local 250 was still in SEIU.  The CNA was not in the AFL-CIO at the time and did not join the team to my knowledge.  Naturally, there will be no internal debate about the disastrous consequences of the Team Concept and the idea that bosses and workers have the same interests or that the same AFL-CIO pushed it with gusto. Cancelling a glowing presentation from the bosses at the AFL-CIO's convention won't do much to turn the tide either.

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