Monday, September 23, 2013

Camp Rules: a poem

Camp Rules

A poem by Kevin Higgins

By all means explore what remains of the world
on the other side of the forest. 
But be back within the perimeter fence
by breakfast, your mouth motorised
by where they’re going wrong, or we’ll begin
making a sad sound when we say your name, 
and tilting our heads slightly to the left.

Questions are encouraged if the answer’s
the long form version of ‘yes’. Discipline
will be maintained by Nullifier Boyd’s
righteous bamboo stick, so big
it never need prove its existence.

Here, no one evades their taxes
or mentions the unfortunate business
 you witnessed in the main marquee
 this morning. Out there, the last thing
 many women notice is that the man
 strangling them is in desperate need
 of a dentist.

In the new society we’re building
we’ve abolished rape and murder.
We permit no such words.

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