Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cops kill 95 year old man.

John Wrana was 95 years old and living in an assisted living facility near Chicago. He refused to take his medicine. He argued with the staff. They called the cops. The cops came . He argued with them. I mean in this land of the free you have to take your medicine. After all how could the profit addicted pharmaceutical companies make their mega profits if people would not take their medicine.

The cops left and came back with reinforcements. There were between 5 and 7 cops for this 95 year old man. They put his family and the medical staff out of the room, then they tasered the old man and shot him in the chest with a 12 gage shotgun using bean bag ammunition. The old man died. They murdered him.

This is not an isolated incident. Thousands of full body armored cops appeared on the streets when the Occupy movement developed. The city of Boston was put on full lock down, full curfew, after the bombings, women are being taken out of their cars in Texas and put through body cavity searches. What is going on?

It is not very hard to answer this question. With PATCO the US capitalist class launched a major offensive against its own working class. It cannot afford its wars abroad, its massive debt and the existing living standards for its workers at home. Something has to give. The workers living standards are what is giving.

The capitalist class know that the US working class will reach a point where they will explode in rage and fight back. So they have been arming their state apparatus to a much greater degree to meet this challenge. Part of this is they have been stepping up the indoctrination of the cops to brutalize them further and prepare them for the battles ahead. It does not matter whether it is a 95 year old white man or a 17 year old black youth this offensive of the capitalist class and its increasingly brutalized state machine is a major threat.


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