Thursday, August 1, 2013

BART Strike, Fight to Win. The Cuts Stop Here

Facts For Working People has put together a flier for the rally for the BART workers today at Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza. The rally is at 5.00pm. I see the bosses' paper is doing its job well today pointing out that BART workers' "big weapon" is the right to strike. This is a powerful weapon if applied correctly and it is a weapon that workers have fought and died for over a century; all workers and oppressed people have gained from this weapon. They are preparing the ground for its removal as a right. When compared to the bosses' "big weapon" of course, it seems fairly mild: the police, the mass media that they own like the Chronicle and the TV, the army, the politicians, the courts, the troops who they will use against us as they have in the past and the jails they put us in. This is the true nature of the conflict. Years of concessions and cooperation on the part of the trade Union leadership has led to nothing but increased aggression and further concessions. In the last analysis, in capitalist society you have no rights if you have no money. No home, no health care, no education etc. You're free to starve.

It's time to Fight to Win for BART workers, our communities, our livelihoods and all workers, youth and the unorganized.

For a PDF of the flier or if you would like to receive Facts For Working People issues in a PDF format that we occasionally send out, please e mail us at:

If you have received this flier as part of our mailing list and are in the Bay Area (or anywhere else for that matter) please feel free to copy and distribute it if you agree with it. Especially get it to transit workers, ferry workers, BART, AC Transit. Contact us if you wish to discuss our views and ideas further.

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