Monday, July 15, 2013

Zimmerman. Racism and divide and rule and the working class.

In a previous blog we explained how the racist Zimmerman got off for murdering Trayvon Martin. I would like to add to this. The Wall Street Journal today lists some of the events leading up to the trial, which of course according to it was a model for civilized society. It even gets round to praising Obama with his calls for calm. That is one for the books. The Wall Street Journal praising Obama.  Obama's role in this is despicable. When it happened he said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon now he says the jury has spoken so that is that. Class enters here also. If it had been Obama's son then there would have been a different response.

This was a racist jury. There was not a single Black person on it.  Only a racist could conclude that a young black child walking home doing nothing wrong could be murdered and the murderer was innocent. This verdict also in spite of what the law tries to say points the finger at  Trayvon Martin. If Zimmerman was not guilty then Trayvon was. Somebody has to be responsible for the death of Trayvon. It was not an accident.

What a despicable lot these attorneys, the local cops, the judge, the jury were. In our home we had to turn off the TV we were so nauseated by the dirty methods of the defense, the phony stare of Zimmerman, the gleeful celebrations of the defense attorneys when the verdict was read out, and not a single sign of or statement from Zimmerman or his family in sympathy with the Martin family. Obviously this racist family thought their son had done a good job in killing this black child.   The judge would not allow the jury to hear the many many times Zimmerman called the cops to report what he said were suspicious people every one of whom were black. If this is not a sign of racism in the attitude of Zimmerman what is. This judge by ruling these out shows her racism also. 

The Wall Street Journal tries to arm its racist readers with some arguments to defend the verdict. It säys that "police investigators made mistakes including failing to preserve the crime scene or to widely canvass the neighborhood in timely fashion." It was not racism see just some "mistake" the cops inexplicably made. They would not have made this mistake if the shooter had been black. He would most likely have been shot their on the street. There was a six week delay in arresting Zimmerman. And it only happened at all due to the pressure of the anti racist forces in the country. The local chief of police had to resign the role of the local racist cops was so bad. These events prove that the local cops supported Zimmerman with the exception of the one cop who in the first day or two said he should be charged.

This verdict strengthens the racist forces in this country who think it is open season on shooting young black males.

But let us look at who runs this country in the context of the murder of Trayvon Martin. . It is run by the major corporations which are dominated by the mainly white capitalist class. Their system is on a major offensive against the working class. All the gains made by the great revolts of the 1930's and 1960's are to be taken back. At the same time  their system cannot provide jobs for all. Full employment would mean a much stronger working class and with this would come a powerful thrust from the working class for a bigger share of the pie. This ruling capitalist class do not want this at all costs. So through the Federal Reserve they manipulate interest rates and through this unemployment rates to keep sufficient numbers of workers unemployed to weaken the working class. In this they particularly target the black working class and youth in order to con many white workers into thinking this is a question of race not a question of policy by the capitalist class. but what to do with these millions of mainly black workers and youth for whom their system will not provide jobs. The jail them, the US has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prisoners, or they shoot them on the streets to intimidate those they cannot jail. This is the big picture of why Trayvon is dead.

Malcolm X said you cannot have capitalism without racism. this is what he meant. The working class  have to unite against the racist capitalist system. Those who think they can maintain a racist attitude or can sit out the struggle against racism are making a bad mistake. In the last analysis racism and the divide and rule tactics of the capitalist class that go with it are aimed at the working class as a whole.


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