Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama: "We are a nation of laws."

After the murderer Zimmerman was let off for killing Trayvon Martin Obama called for acceptance of the verdict because  "We are a nation of laws." I must have missed that. The US/Obama government sends drones over to kill innocent people in other countries. It spies on people and institutions worldwide. It murders its own citizens when they might happen to threaten it. It maintains a prison in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, where is tortures people. It tortures people like Bradley Manning in US prisons. It forces down a plane carrying another country's president. It rigs the laws so the billionaires who wrecked the economy are not even charged while the poor who work hard and strive to get jobs fill the country's prisons. This is not a nation of laws. It is a nation which goes to enormous lengths to write laws and create a legal system so that it can claim to be a nation of laws. And so superior to all other nations.


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