Saturday, July 20, 2013

Johnny Depp: Victim of capitalism or a nutter?

It's late but I can't sleep. So I'm watching, or was watching this late nite (damn, I hate spelling it that way) show.  It's quite a famous show and I have to admit the three or four times I've watched it in 25 years, the guy has been quite funny.

But he had this Johnny Depp on.  I got more annoyed the more Depp opened his damn mouth or the camera focused on him. He had this ridiculous suit on and a lot of rings on his his right hand, then he acted all sort of intellectual like by appearing confused and disoriented when he spoke and he had some sort of tattoo on the back of his hand.

I have to admit I had a couple of wines but I turned to my companion and said, "This guys is a nutter."

She looked at me as she does when I say these things and I just walked out of the room heading toward the kitchen for some snacks.

I ended up here at the computer because I thought about this guy Depp and I thought of how he might be a great actor ( I liked him in Edward Scissorhands for example) but the money that controls the industry, in other words, art being a business, wrecks people like him as it does workers that work in a shoe factory. An obvious difference is that  Depp has a lot of money but he is a victim of the system much like a worker except hi is not as free.

"But wait", I said to myself, "I know lots of people with rings on every finger like that woman at Home Depot."

 "C'mon Richard" a voice quickly told me, "If  Johnny Depp sold the rings on his right hand he could feed an entire continent with the money."


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