Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Charles Barkley on Trayvon Martin: protecting his bank deposits

Barkely agrees there was racial profiling but race was not allowed to be considered. Doesn't that mean something? And this woman interviewing him agrees and "likes" what one of the jurors said, "They both should have walked away."

How nice of her.  Was this jury woman not aware that it was Zimmerman who approached and stalked Martin not the other way round?  Does this interviewer not know that?  And it's just a bad situation.  They couldn't even justify manslaughter.

And there is a difference between white racism as a product of centuries of demonizing and state terrorism against blacks and black animosity as a response to it. The same way there is an  animosity toward Catholics from protestants in N. Ireland and the other way round.  They are not equal, they have different roots. Just shows you though what sort of character Barkley is.

Added note: I got mad thinking about this more. This guy Barkley talks about the legal ins and outs of this case and refuses to mention at all the catastrophic effects of a racist system on the black population in general and the ongoing killing and incarceration of black men. We are all as bad as each other as if black people have equal power in this country when it comes to the actual power structure. 

What a scumbag.

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