Saturday, June 1, 2013

Woolwich killing, hypocrisy and censorship.

The organizers of this blog unconditionally oppose the killing of the soldier in Woolwich London. It and the nature it took has increased support for the racists and right wing in Britain and in turn weakened the working class. This killing throws the movement back and our blog unconditionally opposes it.

However we would like to point out the hypocrisy and censorship of the mass media of the capitalists which is whipping up these right wing and racist and anti Islam feelings. To do so we would like to put this killing in context.

Last month, that is May, over 1,000 Iraqis were killed in Iraq. This is a direct result and the responsibility of the US and its allies invading Iraq. Then there are the continuing drone attacks which kill innocent civilians in any country US imperialism wishes to attack.

Then there is the force feeding in Guantanamo Bay. Over 60 of the prisoners who are on hunger strike have been cleared to be released but the US government will not release them. Instead they are force feeding them. This means they are strapped to a chair, a hose is forced up their nose and a mixture of nutrients pumped into them. Imagine the pain and panic this causes. A drug with severe side affects is given to prevent nausea but if the prisoners do vomit up the nutrients then they are strapped down again and the process repeated.

This is torture.

Where in the capitalist mass media is the outrage about these events. Where for that matter is the outrage in large sections of the population at these events. Yes we must condemn the Woolwich killing, but we also must condemn the torture and killings of imperialism which out number many times over the Woolwich killings. hypocrisy


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