Monday, June 3, 2013

Health Care. US sickness industry a bunch of profit addicted criminals.

The private profit motivated US health industrial complex, or more accurately, sickness industrial complex, exists to make as much profit out of every sick person as possible. This takes a number of forms. If the patient has insurance they are kept alive as long as possible irregardless of the suffering to themselves and their families.  When I came to this country first it took me a while to see why people who were on death's door and inevitably going to die very soon, and should have been allowed to do so with dignity, were hooked up to machines of all sorts and kept breathing even though they were as I say on death's door. Then I realized that it was because there are no profits in the sickness industrial complex from a dead patient. The funeral industry gets their cut after death but that is a story for another day. The US profit addicted sickness industrial complex is a crime against humanity, specifically the US population. It exists to make profit.

The health industry is being attacked in every country in the world. A major drive to increase privatization and make it motivated by profit is under way. That is make it more like the US model. But even with this taking place look at the US system and compare it to some other countries.

In the US we are always hearing about that terrible Canadian health system. It is lies from beginning to end. lies, that is propaganda, by the US profit driven US sickness industrial complex.

Look at comparative costs. For an angiogram, the average cost of this in the US is $914. In Canada it is $35. The average cost of a colonoscopy in the US is $1,185. In Switzerland it is $655. The average cost of a hip replacement in the US is $40,364. In Spain $7,731. The average cost of an MRI scan in the US is $1,121. In the Netherlands $319.

Take the profit out of health care.  For public ownership under workers and patients and health care workers control of a non profit health care system free at the point of use. With the profit taken out of health care, with an end to the trillions spent on wars and occupations abroad, with the ending of the rich and corporations getting away with paying practically no taxes tax this is easily affordable.


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