Wednesday, May 1, 2013

West Texas: Was it a dream?

by Richard Mellor

Have you noticed.  The act of terror that occurred in West Texas has almost disappeared from the airwaves.  No manhunt for the people who consciously and deliberately placed a community and workers lives in danger so that profits would not be affected.  No names have been given us, especially the elected officials who the population of Texas expected to protect their interests and more critically, the elected officials in that community who claim to be the elected of "the people." 

Of course, what they don't tell us is "the people" is not workers and the community businesses that make up our communities. "The people" is the the big capitalists, investors, coupon clippers and other wasters whose interests are protected by the Democratic and Republican parties.  Let's forget about West Texas, Katrina, the ninth Ward, the 200,000 who lost their homes along the gulf and the fishing communities.  Let's forget about the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  We have foreigners to worry about don't we.

United We Stand.  The great con game.

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