Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video: Charles Ramsey rescues Cleveland women; reminds us that the US is still a racist society

Sometimes the most profound and insightful statement can just come flying out of our mouths, or in this case someone else's mouth. Charles Ramsey is the man in Cleveland who rushed to the door of the house where the three kidnapped young women were being held. He kicked in the door and helped the young women and the child escape.

He is a national hero. He is black man and the young women he freed from their captors are white. He could have been walking in to a domestic violence situation where he could have been shot by a white husband. But he never hesitated he just acted and freed the young women. But it is what he said that is most profound and insightful and also tragic about US society.

When he freed the first young woman she ran out in to his arms as he explains in this interview. “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran in to a black man’s arms, .something is wrong here” he tells the newsman, “a dead giveaway, dead give away, .dead give away, either she homeless or she got problems”

Think about what he is saying here and what it reflects about our society, “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran in to a black man’s arms, something is wrong here” He was saying that a great racist gulf still exists in US society, that he was very surprised that a young white woman would throw herself into his arms.

Ramsey is a solid working class guy. Look at his expressions. He is the guy so many of us have worked alongside. He knows the world around him. He is a beautiful man who could have been killed very easily. The interviewer you’ll notice felt a little uncomfortable with Ramsey’s honesty and plain speaking as a worker and a black man in America. Racism is not something they want discussed in a serious way unless it is discussed in a way that divides the working class rather than uniting us. This is why there is much more of Ramsey on the Internet than the national news stations, he makes the spin doctors feel uncomfortable.  Ramsey is a hero as are the three young women. The three males who allegedly kidnapped them are cowardly degenerates. And US society is a racist society. Trust  Charles Ramsey.

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Patricia said...

Mr. Ramsey is certainly a hero in my book!