Friday, May 24, 2013

Right wing demagogue's violent sexist assault on Hilary Clinton

by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I am no fan of Hilary Clinton.  She is a ruthless representative of the 1% and an enemy of all workers.  As US Secretary of State she traveled the world seeking money making opportunities for bankers and US corporations and openly championed the dictator Mubarak as a family friend. Along with her class colleagues, she made it possible for his murderous regime to survive as long as it did by ensuring billions of dollars in US taxpayer funds went his way. The police and the torture chambers needed money and arms and Hilary came through.  Only when it became clear the heroic Egyptian people would tolerate Mubarak no more did Hilary and the US government drop him.

There are many reasons to oppose her as a standard bearer for her class.  But this blog condemns in the most forceful way the recent comments by the conservative radio host Pete Santilli who said that Hilary Clinton needed to be "Shot in the Vagina" He refers to her as the "Biggest vagina on the face of the planet".

All workers must condemn this sexist and racist pig.  He attacks all women and all workers with his remark.  He does it under the guise of having a great love for the troops and blames her as Secretary of State for the deaths of American in Benghazi.  She is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and millions of foreign workers as all of her class are in their role as the ruling class of the economic system under which we live.   But that is different.

He has made similar remarks about Obama saying he should be "tried, convicted and shot" for crimes against the people of the United States. But people like Santilli, Limbaugh and others don't support the troops, they support the corporations, bankers and all the coupon clippers whose interests and wars young working men and women are fighting. The sons and daughters of wealthy millionaires like Limbaugh don't fight their wars, they use our kids, that's why low wages and unemployment is good for them, it makes the military option look good to our youth.  We have an economic draft in the US.

Imagine the treatment a Muslim would receive if he or she made such statements about a US government official. Of course, their defenders would argue that he calls for a trial and conviction.

Santilli would be calling for the execution and shooting of workers during labor disputes as well be sure of that. One thing the remark does reveal in my opinion is that these pigs can say things about women that they wouldn't dare say about other groups. It's disgusting what he said about Clinton when you consider the daily rapes, assault and murders that women face in our society and the way they are portayed in the media.  Rape is epidemic in society and especially in the military.  Even bourgeois women deserve equal rights as women.

To think that there are innocent people rotting in Guantanamo.  It's where Santilli should be.

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