Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado and Climate Change Censorship.

The mass capitalist media is a wonderful thing. And this applies to the liberal as well as the right wing media.  Here we have the catastrophe in Oklahoma. A few months ago we had the Sandy catastrophe. The capitalist media zeros in on personal stories and the fact that a dog that was found in the debris. I am sure we are all glad for the wee dog and its owner. But the issue at the center of this catastrophe is what is causing so many tornadoes and hurricanes. It is climate change. This is what the mass capitalist media should be discussing but of course precisely at this time when the issue is so concrete they run from this like it was the devil. Precisely at this time when the issue is concrete they are absolutely determined not to discuss it. They censor it as they usually do when an open and honest discussion is most necessary and could most benefit the conscious of the working class and youth.

Then we see the hypocrisy of the Republicans and the two Senators from Oklahoma. They voted against relief for Hurricane Sandy. Now we will see what they have to say about relief for Oklahoma. It is hard to believe that these creatures have any human feelings, in fact any feelings at all.


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