Sunday, May 12, 2013

Glenn Greenwald reveals the limits of Maher's liberal whining

Bill Maher gets on my nerves personally. Sure he says some things that are OK but never offers a solution. He attacks religion but singles out Islam as inherently violent. He's just a liberal whiner. Greenwald at least takes up US capitalism although he also always refers to the actions of the capitalist state as "we". The US working class may suffer from ignorance, passivity or be overly cautious and chauvanistic or all of the above but we're not in the driver's seat----yet. But to my knowledge Greenwald doesn't profess to be a revolutionary socialist. He really exposes Maher here. Maher drags out this line that Muslims and Jews have been at it for thousands of years, (before the American revolution as a means of absolving US imperialism of its role in the Middle east) and as a concession to the Zionists, after all, it is Zionism that that has increased tensions there. It wasn't Palestinians or Islam that murdered 6 million Jews, it was Christian Europe. Had they put Israel in Bavaria the crap would have hit the fan. Does Maher not know about the US coup that overthrew Iran's government in 1953, replacing it with the murderous Shah? The support for the criminal Mubarak or "our friend" as Hilary Clinton calls him? "We didn't go in to Egypt" says Maher.What a fool. US capitalism has been in Egypt for decades, Mubarak was their man. Karzai is their man.

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