Thursday, May 16, 2013

Environmental crisis: Capitalism destroying the future

The comments below are an excerpt from the  Facts For Working People Global Warming/Environment issue that we published in 2007 when we were putting it out more frequently as Labor's Militant Voice, which is no longer in existence. Since then the environmental crisis has not improved and as we pointed out in 2007, capitalism cannot solve it; instead, it drives humanity down the road to extinction, threatening to destroy life as we know it. Included is the front page of that FFWP that we sent out to our subscriber list.  The information in it is as relevant today as a socialist solution to the environmental crisis as it was 6 years ago.  If you would like to receive that issue send your e mail to: and if you would like to receive future issues let us know.  We still publish it as resources allow.


The competition inherent within capitalism cannot help but create wasteful duplication. Your average grocery store may stock fifty breakfast cereals and dozens of shampoos, each one slightly different from the next. But each brand represents a different production facility, different packaging, and a different distribution network.

How often have we heard people complain about television: hundreds of channels and nothing to watch. Each program represents a huge amount of money and resources to produce, and yet most have little value. They are produced to sell advertising: to sell other products.

It is through these consumer choices that capitalism equates itself with freedom. Genuine self-expression, personal development and self-awareness are not encouraged. Individuality boils down to your consumer choices, the shoes you wear, the shows you watch, or the color of your i-pod. This “individualism” is more valued than community or co-operation. Genuine freedom begins where this profit addicted system ends.

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