Monday, April 8, 2013

Wikileaks reveals Kissinger the War Criminal. Free Bradley Manning

Wikileaks has released some 1.7 million archived records and cables from the 1970's, many of them written by the war criminal Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger is complicit in the murder of Rene Schneider, the Chilean constitutionalist general and Salvadore Allende, the democratically elected president of Chile who was overthrown by a US supported coup in 1973. He is also responsible for the murder of millions of Vietnamese people.

Cables also reveal that in order to justify sending the Brazilian dictatorship money and military aid in the mid-seventies, the US government gave Brazil a "torture exemption".

The information also reveals that the Vatican's response to claims of mass killings and torture by general Pinochet who the US favored over the democratically elected Allende was that the claims were "communist propaganda".

The journalist interviewed above who has looked at some of the documents points out:

We’re talking about 1969, for example, the bombing of Cambodia; this is secret policies, which were going on from the White House in the 1970s; the South American Operation Condor; death squads running around in South America, killing thousands and disappearing thousands of people; 1973, [Salvador] Allende’s Chile, where Henry Kissinger ordered the assassination of the president of Chile because he wasn’t going in the [desired] political direction and installed General Pinochet; 1974, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. There are little bits of details on all of these, in which Kissinger was involved. I mean Kissinger basically gave a green light to Turkey to invade Cyprus. So once there was an official foreign policy going on, which was quite, you know, nice from the US, going alone with human rights – there was unofficial police going on, with Henry Kissinger in the White House, with all those kinds of human right abuses and war crimes going on.

During a conversation with the U.S. ambassador to Turkey in 1975 Kissinger gave a little glimpse in to his world view when he said,  "Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, 'The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.' [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I'm afraid to say things like that."

Kissinger is a mass murder of some stature.   An excellent little book sharing some examples of his murderous activity is The Trial of Henry Kissinger by the late Christopher Hitchens

So many Americans have no idea of the role our government has played internationally, the assassinations, coups, supporting some of the most notorious mass killers in history on behalf of the US corporations.  Part of it is that so many feel there is absolutely nothing that we can do, so they bury their head in the sand and keep plodding along.  Our media is very controlled and they saturate the airwaves with sports and mind numbing entertainment.  But this cannot continue indefinitely as American are finding out through declining living standards, a bankrupt infrastructure and eternal insecurity. 

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