Sunday, April 28, 2013

US capitalism's war crimes at the root of anti-Americanism: Thank you Wikileaks and Bradley Manning

" Note, the above video was aired by Channel 4 and is based on investigations into Iraq War deaths using material analysed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in partnership with Wikileaks and which, in turn, is gleaned from information provided by whistleblower Bradley Manning (currently facing a possible life sentence for revealing war crimes). This must-watch video not only examines the actual numbers of those killed, but the proportion of civilians, how deaths occurred, as well as the use of unorthodox methods by US military, including torture."  Read more here:


Arab and Muslim anger toward the US government throughout the world has a source. It is not a hatred of American people because we are who we are or because most of us are Christians. It is not the ridiculous idea put forward by the US mass media that we are hated because we are "free" as the imbecile Bush used to say and the much slicker bourgeois Obama repeats. It is US foreign policy, the war crimes committed in our name that are at the root of this anger.  We become partners in crime if we don't openly condemn it and act in some way to halt it.

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