Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston, Ma, West, Texas, US propaganda and lies.

The bombings in Boston have to be condemned unconditionally. They increased confusion amongst the US working class, they gave the US capitalist state the excuse to increase repression and the strength of its state apparatus. They strengthened the capitalist class against the working class. These bombings were made on the basis of conscious decisions by individuals and groups.

At the same time down in the town of West, in Texas more than four or five times as many people were killed in the explosion in the ammonium nitrate plant than were killed in Boston. And around 200 injured and scores of homes were destroyed.  Again many more times than were damaged in Boston. In other words the destruction and damage and suffering was much worse in West than in Boston. You would never have thought it by looking at the controlled and censored US media.

While still looking for the forces which decided on the Boston bombings the forces behind the West, Texas catastrophe are there for all to see. It is summed up in one word. Deregulation. These big plants and the big oil and gas companies are allowed to look after their own so called safety measures with practically no over sight by the government. Listen to the man who most often deals with any Federal so called orders about industry and commerce. He describes his job thus: " I go into the office in the morning. I sue Barak Obama, and then I go home."

If the Boston bombers are to he hunted down in a massive hunt and shot and jailed then this man has to be the first to be seized in Texas. The forces that have deregulated the US economy have killed a lot more people than the Boston bombers. These deregulation forces are the owners of the US corporations, their bribed political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, their flunkies in the state apparatus and civil service. These people are responsible for the catastrophe in West, Texas. Of course their censored and privately owned and profit motivated media will not say this. After all they do not want to be regulated either.

Another feature of the West Texas disaster makes one think about US society and what we have to listen to every day in terms of propaganda and lies and censorship. The majority of those dead in the West explosion were fire fighters. But the main thing is that they were volunteer firefighters. These were all volunteers!!!!!  When did we last see any of the capitalists volunteering for fire service? What about Bush, or Cheyney, or Trump, or the Koch brothers, or any of them, volunteering for their local fire brigade? Not only that but firefighters all over the country who are paid are having their wages and benefits and equipment cut in all directions.

US capitalism is rotten to the core. It has forfeited the right to exist. You have to twist your head into such perverse thinking to live in it that it comes close to driving us all mad. And many actually mad. This is what brings us back to the Boston bombers, the people who shoot up school children and shopping malls. Yes the system is completely sick. US capitalism has forfeited the right to exist.


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