Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope. Last one and this one, viciously pro capitalist old men.

The last pope was in the Hitler Youth. Do not listen to that crap that he had no choice. Tens of thousands of Germans fought the Nazis and were put in the death camps with the Jewish people, and other minorities. The last pope joined the Hitler Youth so his career would not be damaged and the Church's position would not be attacked by Hitler. At the same time his outfit was making a deal with the fascist Mussolini in Italy which amongst other things allowed them to set up Vatican city as an independent state.

Now we have this new pope Bergoglio from Argentina. He calls himself St Francis. The propaganda is that it is after the kind so called St Francis who liked animals. Leaving aside the nonsense that there are saints the so called saint Francis this person more resembles is the one who led the murderous colonial expeditions carrying the cross and saying they were all blessed by a so called god.

Bergoglio was elected by an all male cabal of around a hundred old men, outside these in their freakish cloaks and backward reactionary ideas, the 1.2 billion members of the church had no vote, no voice. This cabal was all men, the Catholic church thinks women are inferior and cannot be allowed to hold leading positions or vote on important issues.

This Bergoglie like the little Nazi Youth member who came before him has a nasty record too. During the dirty war in Latin America when the extreme right military dictatorships who were organized by US imperialism were slaughtering workers and peasants who were fighting for a better life where was Bergoglio? In this slaughter activists were killed and buried in mass graves, others were taken in helicopters and thrown alive into the sea. This was a nightmare. So where was Bergoglio at this time?

The Chicago Tribune is an extreme right paper. But even it had to make some reference to this period in Bergoglio's life. It writes:" His ascent (in the Catholic Church) occurred during a time when the Catholic church in Argentina stood accused of at best failing to speak out, and at worst being complicit, in the harsh right wing dictatorship of the the 'Dirty War' that saw the disappearance of an estimated 30,000 dissidents from 1976 to 1983." Bergoglio tries to cover this up by saying he cooks his own meals, what a sacrifice, as if most of us do not cook our own meals, and once a year washing the feet of a few people. What we have at the top of this huge capitalist supporting outfit is another vicious reactionary pro capitalist creature.

Bergoglio is also against any suggestion that gay people should have the same rights as everybody else and that women should have the right to choose. He says same sex couples being given the right to adopt or have children would be discrimination against the children and to be gay is to disrupt "god's plan."

The organizers of this blog think that no right thinking person should belong to this undemocratic, anti women, pro capitalist organization. But for those who cannot drag themselves away at least take up a fight inside it for democratic changes, everybody to be able to preach and speak out at gatherings such as on the Sundays when they get together, women to be treated equally and have control over their own bodies, and the position of the outfit to be changed from supporting capitalism with all its vicious brutal reality, to a democratic socialist society. We do not think that the Catholic church can ever be changed in this way. But for those of our readers who cannot leave it fighting for this would give you some self respect and who knows might open up some splits in the outfit out of which would come some forces for socialism.


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