Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Slave Labor in Dubai

Added note.  This video was not showing.  We have tried to correct that.

The first thing that came to my mind watching this video is this issue of Religious or racial unity, or unity based on color. The people directly responsible for and profiting from this situation are Muslim and persons of color. They own property, hotels and racehorses in so-called democratic countries. Where is the unity here? There is none between workers and bosses. So one guy has set up an NGO after being disgusted by what he's seen. But where is the ILO, and the global trade Union movement? Imagine the international working class solidarity and unity across racial and religious lines that would occur were workers in the docks of Europe, the US and all the continents of the globe to refuse to handle any goods that go in or out of Dubai until trade Unions were made legal, basic democratic rights assured and wages and conditions vastly improved. To do that would unleash the independent power of workers globally and bring the leaders of the Union movement and former workers' parties throughout the world in to conflict with the bosses and capitalism which is why they refuse to take that road. The US has a massive presence in this part of the world, thousands of troops and military hardware. The US ruling class knows this is occurring and supports those responsible for it. This is why "United We Stand" and blind allegiance to the nations state is against our interests and why Workers of the World Unite is such a powerful statement. The conditions workers are facing in this video cannot be eliminated on the basis of capitalism.
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