Sunday, January 6, 2013

Will Rand Paul try to convert the Jews to save them?

Remember Paul's supporters dealing with this woman?

by Richard Mellor

I see the Christian Zionist, Libertarian and Tea Bagger, Rand Paul is in Israel affirming his support for the land where Jesus will return. 

Paul, like his father is a doctor (I wonder if he receives Medicare money) and will no doubt by-pass Gaza.  No one wants to have to look at victims living in concentration camps for fear of having to do something about it. Paul supports the right to life but not for Palestinian children. Paul’s trip is funded by the American Family Association, and organized by “evangelical kingmaker David Lane and former pharmaceuticals executive Richard Roberts, a prominent member of the Orthodox Jewish community who donates heavily to the GOP” according to Business Insider. Politics makes strange bedfellows as the saying goes. I don’t suppose Paul will remind the Jews there that they will burn in hell if they don’t convert to his religion when Jesus gets back. I suppose the evangelical organizations that make this happen are tax-exempt not being political. This is a religious pilgrimage no doubt.

Paul is looking at a presidential run next election as a Republican and is looking for support; after all, Obama raised $1 billion.   For that he needs to schmooze with American Zionists and the powerful pro Israel lobby, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee.)

He will be meeting this week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, as well as other influential people favored by Washington and the Pentagon, president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and former king of Saudi Arabia Abdulluh, one of the family of theocratic thugs that runs the country. Abdullah is one of the world’s wealthiest individuals at about $21 billion according to Forbes.  He is also considered one of the world’s worst dictators but that’s never stopped US presidents and politicians before. After 911 Saudi royals got a cheap flight out of the US.  Gays, women and other religions are not the favorite of these thugs and Unions are a definite no-no. The whole group, Rand included, is like the employment line for the job with Hedley Lamarr in Blazing saddles, barring the two at the end of the line that is.

Rand, like Obama and Madonna before him won’t be chatting with Hamas, the freely elected government of the concentration camp we know as Gaza.  Hamas are “terrorists” says Washington and too cruel to talk to. 

How could he meet with Hamas? Paul is a doctor and values human life which is why he opposes abortion and supports a Human Life Amendment that would overturn Roe V Wade.  It shouldn't surprise anyone, defending Herman Cain during his scandal he complained that, "
these days it seems like women can’t take a joke." If he’s like his Libertarian daddy he would also support workers organizing but not forcing employers to increase wages through withholding our Labor power, that’s terrorism too isn’t it?

Paul, like his father also wants small government and opposes government involvement in health care. Health care is best served by market forces like most of society’s needs. He likes medicine being a business as he is in the medical business himself. Paul also supports the misnamed Right to Work legislation that is aimed at keeping workers from organizing for better wages and conditions.  He should get along well with King Abdullah.

By my estimation, some 140 million Americans opted out of the electoral process last election.  I wonder why.

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