Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shark deaths are an environmental disaster

This should come as no surprise as human life also has little value when it comes to the profit industry. One only has to remind oneself of Madeline Albright's statement on US TV that the 500,000 or so Iraqi women and children that died due to US sanctions was "worth it" to realize that. But it's still pretty disgusting. Capitalism is an efficient killer. Globally, twelve people died from shark attack in 2011, all outside of the US. Meanwhile scientists estimate that 30 to 70 million sharks are killed each year. Extinction might be a natural process but extinction as a by-product of the capitalist mode of production is a different thing altogether. Such mass slaughter of animal life has consequences just like  polluting the oceans does. If this system of production is not ended, human life on this planet will be next.

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