Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't forget the victims of Fukushima.

Facts For Working people received the message below from a group helping the victims of this market driven disaster and want to share it with our readers. The website at the bottom is in Japanese.


Here in Japan over 2,000,000 children, women and men who live in the Fukushima Prefecture where the 3 nuclear reactors that are in meltdown cannot be forgotten.

APRICOT has Launched - APRICOT is the Allied Psychotherapy Relief Initiative for the Children of Tohoku - Please click 'Like' on this page now to show your for support and care for the:


APRICOT is a nonprofit that supports the children of Tohoku for the mid-term and long term 'heart mind care' work of mental health carers and the development of health care projects for all children affected by the triple disasters in the East Japan (Tohoku) region ...

APRICOT is you and me, your friends and anyone else with a loving heart and good mind to care about the hearts and minds of the children of East Japan .. a way for you to help contribute and so be a part of helping the Children of Tohoku come safely through all the new years of their Childhoods yet to come.. Please help to start this ball rolling into the New Year by simply clicking the 'Like' button on APRICOT's official Facebook Page and then sharing it on to all the good friends and people you know who have the heart to care and please get them to do the same! ... Support APRICOT CHILDREN now please:


Website and contact:

With kind thanks to you from Andrew of TEAM APRICOT

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