Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oops!. Ten kids killed in Afghanistan. Thank you Bradley Manning.

Oh, well, looky here. I read tonight that a land mine in Afghanistan killed ten young girls.  Two others were killed in a land mine explosion. These silly girls were collecting firewood and one of them, perhaps the most "silly" hit the land mine with an axe.

The media says that most of those killed were between nine and eleven.  These unexploded devices are  a major problem in Afghanistan.  Most of these weapons were manufactured in the US.  We can be proud that we, the US, is the largest arms manufacturer in the world producing more weapons of mass destruction than the rest of thew world combined.

As a matter of fact, we feel compelled here to remind our readers of Bradley Manning, imprisoned, tortured and even faced with the death penalty.  He decided, as a matter of conscience, to releease, to share with the world and millions of us as Americans, a rather disturbing video of what our tax money and our troops were doing in Iraq.  This young man, a hero when you think about it, was doing us all a favor when he released this video. After all, we are supposed to live in a democracy and all Americans should be apprised of what out government is doing. This is what he released to the world.


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