Saturday, December 15, 2012

Israeli children, learning to hate Arabs, victims of child abuse

I don't know the level of this type of indoctrination in Israel but knowing what I do I think so many Israeli's must be among the most militarized and bigoted/racist people. I have had discussions with many Jews who are liberal on almost all aspects of life except when it comes to  Israel.  At one level or another they justify the theft of Palestinian land and, as any conqueror must, demonize them and Arabs in general. Just the fact that the guy with the mic can get responses from these children like this and act like it's normal; it's child abuse. It made me thing too of all the children in the war torn regional wars from the Congo to Afghanistan and Iraq etc. I know some people will say that the Arabs teach their children to hate as well, to hate Americans perhaps, sometimes people's anger comes out in distorted ways. This may be so, although Zionism is the prime issue. But in any conflict there is an aggressor and a victim, the Palestinians are not the aggressors here, the Zionists are.

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