Thursday, November 15, 2012

Woman killed in Ireland by right wing ideas and policies of Roman Catholic hierarchy and their cowardly politicians.

The murder of the women in Ireland is world news. And so it should be.  The Southern Irish state have laws that prevent or make abortion so difficult that it is just about impossible even when the life of the mother is at stake. They have the so called heartbeat law. That is that as long as a heartbeat exists in the fetus it cannot be aborted.

In Ireland a woman was ill in a Galway hospital. Her fetus was dying and all the hospital staff agreed it could not live. But it still had a heartbeat. The mother was in agony and she and her husband pleaded for the fetus to be aborted. But the staff said they could not do it as Ireland was " Catholic country" and they could not abort a fetus when its heart was still beating. (The mother was a Hindu) So they kept the woman in agony for another three days until the heartbeat stopped. Remember all agreed that the baby would not live.

The baby's heart eventually stopped beating. But by this time the mother was so ill by her ordeal that she died. This is a crime. it is murder. The all male anti women Catholic hierarchy imposed their views on this family and killed this mother. They are criminals. Along with them stands the cowardly politicians who would not legislate to change the law to give women the right to choose. They are also criminals

Two courageous women in the national parliament have taken a stand over the past period. Both are socialists. They are Clare Daly and Joan Collins. Some months ago they moved a bill to make abortion available. It was voted down by right wing politicians and even some claiming to be left such as SF. The result of the defeat of this bill is the  the killing of this woman. These people who voted down this bill are scum.

The positive thing to come out of this is that demonstrations have been taking place all over Ireland. The majority of the population are enraged. Small towns, cities, the national parliament all are besieged by masses of people protesting and demanding change.

It should be noted that the Republican Party in the US, unbelievable seeing their recent election defeat, are still trying to push their denial of a women's right to choose. In Ohio a heart beat legislation similar to the one that killed the woman in Ireland is being prepared. These people are vicious.


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