Wednesday, November 14, 2012

South Africa: farmworkers' strikes spread

From Martin Legassick

The South African papers today report farmworker strikes in all the areas marked on the map above. Democratic Left Front bodies such as CSAAWU and Mawubuye have formed a coalition with the De Doorns strike committee (the first to initiate, about a week ago), Western Cape COSATU and other bodies to take forward the strike movement. The DLF-COSATU link is a first and a big achievement. De Doorns workers earned R69 a day (with R30 a day deducted by the bosses for electricity etc!) and are demanding R150 a day. It is the start of the grape harvest season. In De Doorns the workers burned some vineyards. This is as important as, and no doubt inspired by, the mine strikes.

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