Thursday, November 22, 2012

Protest & Action at the Berkeley (CA) Marine Corps officer recruiting center

2019 Shattuck ave Tuesday November 27th at 12pm noon!
(1 Block North from Downtown Berkeley BART, cite of 2008 Marine recruiting protests)

Show solidarity with whistle-blower Bradley Manning who will begin his next round of pre-trial hearings this same day on the East Coast at Fort Meade army base as the defense will be facing off with the military prosecution to argue that all charges be dismissed because of "unlawful pretrial punishment".

At this extremely important hearing, Bradley's lawyer David Coombs will focus on the abuse Bradley endured in Quantico, VA. It is now well-known that Bradley was held for nine months in solitary confinement, in conditions that were declared by UN Chief Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez to be "cruel, inhuman and degrading." David Coombs will present evidence that brig psychiatrists opposed the decision to hold Bradley in solitary, and that brig commanders misled the public when they said that Bradley's treatment was for "Prevention of Injury".

It was US Marine Corps officers including then-Lt General George Flynn who reportedly directed PFC Bradley Manning’s illegal pretrial confinement conditions.

USMC Lieutenant General George Flynn, who was serving as the Commanding General of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command at the time, ordered Manning’s solitary confinement, arbitrary suicide restrictions and unjust and cruel treatment which amounted to torture at the Quantico Marine Brig in Virgina all in violation of Article 13 which safeguards against unlawful pretrial punishment.

This is one of the defense's final chances to reduce possible sentencing, second in importance only to the court martial which begins next February 4th.

Come rally with us outside the US Maine Corps officers recruiting office and demand that Bradley's mistreatment be accounted for! Speakers will include leading members of the Bradley Manning Support Network and partner organizations.

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