Monday, November 19, 2012

Hostess and the Union leaders agree on mediation

This is the follow up on the earlier bog.  It seems that the leadership of the Baker's Union and Hostess corp have agreed to mediation to settle their contract dispute, the Wall Street Journal reports.  This is "a move that should allow the company to avert liquidation" it says.

So we have the same old strategy from the employers and the same old answer from the Union. A mediator is not an independent arbitrator.  A mediator is on the employers' team.  So the "hope" that I referred to in the previous blog has materialized in the form of a mediator.  The employers' threatened to shut production down permanently, just like they do when they threaten and carry out the threat of moving production abroad, the Unions struck and the employers show willingness to talk and meet them at the table of negotiation for their concessionary platter. The Union officialdom has already made it clear there will be no talk of gains. More damage control is on order.

Meanwhile corporations hoards trillions in cash, wealthy individuals stash an estimated $26 to $32 trillion or more in offshore tax havens, US capitalism's war machine continues to run wild on borrowed money that we taxpayers will have to pay back with interest, and the heads of organized Labor still live a comfortable, conflict free life.

There's a bad moon rising.

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