Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Protest at San Leandro Walmart

I went down to my local Walmart in San Leandro tonight on Hesperian Blvd (Thanksgiving night).  The store opened at 8 and the consumers were there in droves. There was a small but spirited protest or more accurately informational picket about the plight of the Walmart workers I shot some video and have to apologize for the bad volume at times as the I phone takes good video but the mike is not the best.

I noticed that the workers referred to themselves as "associates", which is the bosses' term for us. I recall when this term, and "team member", became prominent here in the Bay Area as a replacement for worker. There will be another protest/picket tomorrow from 4 to 6 pm. According to the Walmart workers I talked to there is a strike planned and some workers will walk out. If you are in the San Leandro East Bay area try to come down tomorrow and show support for Walmart workers. Below the video is the flier Facts For Working People put out for the protests. Check here for Walmart event locations.

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