Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Gaza massacre: Finkelstein on the last one

As the Zionist regime, backed by the warmonger Obama and the US capitalist class commits further atrocities on the people of Gaza, the world's largest open air concentration camp. We hear from the hypocrites at the UN,  the same old phrases. In response to the invasion British capitalism mimicking their US friends, calls for "restraint on both sides". "Israel has a right to defend itself" says the war monger Obama. That Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, the only nuclear armed state in the region and one of the world's most powerful military's these massacres cannot in any way be called wars and Israeli Defense Force cannot be called a defense force.

The Palestinians on the other hand, have no planes, no anti-aircraft weaponry, no ships no army and no state. Calling for "restraint on both sides" in this situation is a sick joke. It is sicker than any young person who resorts to suicide bombing. It is sicker than any terrorist that flew planes in to buildings or blows up invaders in their country, yet we have to listen to this on the news time and time again and are expected to give it credibility.

On the eve of this new murderous assault on Gaza (and lets not forget the siege, which is also an act of extreme aggression) it is worth taking the time to listen and watch Norman Finkelstein discuss the previous assault on these people. And as Americans we might reflect that this is sanctioned by the US government and financed by the US taxpayer.

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