Friday, October 5, 2012

Video: Platinum mine sacks 12,000 in South Africa

The struggle of the South African miners is an inspiration to workers throughout the world. The South African workers have a long and militant history of struggle against Apartheid and global capitalism now represented by the ANC. Imagine what would be happening if 40 workers had been killed here in the US during a strike? The situation in extremely volatile in South Africa with 75,000 miners out. These strikes are wildcats and it is the lack of the support of the traditional Union federation, Cosatu, that has emboldened the bosses. But the workers feel quite rightly that the billions made in the mining industry have benefited many government officials and capitalaists but workers still live in shacks.

These developments are undoubtedly placing extreme pressure on the ANC as well as the official trade Unions. We have numerous articles and pieces on this blog about these developments. Check the popular posts to the right or the Sough Africa tag.

In another part of the world,  4000 workers went on strike today at the Foxconn factory in China.  Foxconn makes the Apple I phone and is notorious for its treatment of workers. The company installed safety nets on their buildings in response to worker suicides ion the past. The working class of the world is going on the offensive.

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