Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tokyo Electric Power. Capitalism worse than you can ever imagine.

The official report has now come out. The Tokyo Electric Power Company which owned and ran the nuclear power reactors which melted down last year in Japan have now admitted they did not implement safety measures they knew were needed. The reason they give: "There was a concern that acknowledging the need for a severe accident plan would risk a lawsuit." So it was all about the bottom line, about their profits.

The earthquake and tsunami swept up to 100,000  people out of their homes, killed tens of thousands, many of these were swept away and their bodies never found. Remember the heartbreaking sight of whole cities and towns being being swept away. The earthquake and tsunami can be claimed as the work of nature. But not the decision to build these nuclear plants on these locations, not the decision of the plants profit addicted owners not to implement new safety measures, these were the decisions of the owners of these plants and they were made solely for profit.

These people are criminals of the highest order. And not one of them has yet been charged in court never mind sentenced. A poor kid who stole a wallet would be arrested and jailed so fast his head would spin, but these mass murderers walk free, their fellow criminals who run the capitalist system that rules ensure that they are protected.

Capitalism is a far far worse system than people, it is far more corrupt and rotten and contemptuous of human life than we imagine. The people who make up the class that run it are monsters. They have forfeited all right to rule. They must be removed from their positions and replaced by the democratic rule of the working class and a democratic socialist system.


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