Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The storm, climate change, capitalism and censorship. .

The devastating storm that has struck the east coast has left unprecedented damage behind. There has never been anything like it. Only an idiot or a bought and paid for capitalist politician or an oil and gas capitalist can say that this huge storm and the increasingly frequent storms are not linked to climate change.

There is the one you may be familiar with about the dog that did not bark in the night. That is something happened during the night and yet the dog did not bark. The point was this told you something. Well look at this. Until this morning there were 94 articles recorded in newspapers on the storm . Not a single one of them mentioned climate change. During the presidential debates there was not a single mention of climate change from the main candidates. These dogs are not barking in the night. This tells us something.

Capitalism has no way to handle this developing catastrophe of climate change so it cannot mention it. Driven by its addiction to profit and fossil fuels it can only barrel on regardless. As far as I know the Green Party candidate for President was arrested because she tried to get into and participate in the debates. These capitalists and their mass media and mass political machines are mad. They are tobogganing towards disaster with their eyes shut. They are taking life on earth as we know it with them.

And consider the so called liberal ones. Consider MSNBC. Where are all these trendy talking heads when it comes to climate change. They value their over paid spots on the shows where they limit their comments to strictly agreed guidelines. No talk of climate change and the catastrophe of the present fossil based fuel system. No talk of capitalism and mass poverty. No talk of the need for a minimum wage of $20.00 an hour for all. No talk of the need to break from the two capitalist parties, the Republicans and Democrats and build a mass workers party. What a bunch of cowardly bought and paid for degenerates, the capitalists, the politicians, the talking heads.

There were 14 candidates for President running in this election. But US capitalism with the help of its media, liberal and right wing censored all but two out of the mass view. This is supposed to be the land of free speech. And they are still torturing Bradley Manning and keeping over 2 million people in their jails.

Climate change is a reality and capitalism cannot deal with it so it censors it out of its mass media and mass political system. A new different kind of storm is necessary. A political storm which sweeps away the rotten repressive capitalists and their system and representatives which is taking life on earth as we know it to  disaster.. And which lays the basis for a new society based on a democratic socialist plan which would meet the needs of life on the planet in a way which would be sustainable.


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