Friday, October 26, 2012

Jimmy Saville, degenerate serial abuser, ruling class covers up.

Jimmy Saville
So Saville, this degenerate, part of the British elite, friend of the British royalty, sexually abused and raped around 300 young people over the past 50 plus years. This is staggering. And this was covered up by the British ruling class. Sometimes when some of us raise some issues there is a reaction that we are into conspiracy theories, or just going too far. And this can happen. But that is not the main danger. The main danger is that we do not sufficiently recognize the network of the elite and how it operates to rule and to carry out its degenerate ways and to cover these up. Google "Saville" and "Royalty" and see what comes up. The state  and its actions in different countries comes up. George Bush senior's name comes up.

It is totally impossible for anybody who was around him not to have known that Saville was up to this. That means the elite who were around him. That includes the British royalty. See also were he was a regular visitor to the home of Thatcher. And Diana said he was a sort of "mentor" to that idiot Charles. When decent cops in Britain tried to investigate him they were fired, slandered, driven out of their positions.

Like the phone hacking scandal only much worse this is another major blow to British capitalist society. I think we should be saying something about this. I also think we should be linking it to the British ruling class and class rule. Also I think we should be linking it to an end to the royalty. I feel that there is a certain opportunism on the left, because of the consciousness of sections of the British working class who sees the royalty with some half-assed affection, or should I say a part of what they call "great" Britain. I am going to call Ireland "great" Ireland from now on. I think there is an element in this consciousness that explains why the left does not take on the issue of the royalty, does not pose in a clear way the need to end it, the need to establish a democratic socialist society and this means no royalty, no degenerate parasites. Make them work like everybody else. We could identify the wealth of these parasites and explain what could be done with this to help working people and go after the degenerates in this way.

But back to Saville and his friends. It is our duty and opportunity to spread the knowledge of this far and wide and to do so in a class way putting forward an alternative, and part of this taking on the royalty and the ruling class. It is important to do so in a way that further shakes and weakens the authority and credibility of the ruling class. These people not only for economic and political reasons, but also for reasons of human decency have forfeited all right to rule.

And let us remember all the idiots like McCartney and others who accept titles from these parasites.


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