Thursday, October 18, 2012

Local politics: Bay Area residents vote no on Measure A

I am voting no on Measure A.  It is being dressed up as animal care but it is about expanding the zoo and actually encroaching on natural habitat and the animals and people that use it.  It is my own personal opinion that zoos are not really a healthy environment for animals. If you have time you can here the pros and cons Monday on KQED if you have time to tune in.  Here's the info thanks to Tyler who is an opponent of the measure:

Here's where it gets real: KQED Forum with Michael Krasny will air a live 30-minute segment on Measure A1 featuring Ruth Malone of Friends of Knowland Park for the No on A1 side and Nik Dehejia of the Zoo for the Yes side. It will air this coming Monday, October 22, 930-10 am.
Check the website for updates."

Here is another link from Fran, another opponent of the measure:

This is what she says about this movie, I haven't watched it.

Has anyone seen this movie about the Oakland Zoo / Knowland Park?  Looks good. Will we ever learn indeed. I really hope this prop goes down in flames. I was just thinking how the county recently tore down the Fairmont Animal Shelter. Just up and closed it, no political will nor ballot measure designed to keep that open, yet they have the nerve to put this on the ballot. It's plain insulting.
The east bay express came out against A1

You can also go to the no on A website here:

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